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Teacher Appreciation Week

posted Feb 21, 2017, 1:26 PM by Sharon Collett
The staff would like to offer their sincere thanks for being so spoiled by the families of St. Mary's Elementary.  First, the staff room was decorated in a Valentine's theme, then there were recess treats (every day!), next there was a delicious take-home supper, and finally a buffet lunch extravaganza.  The School Council and its volunteers really made us feel special.  To top off the week, one parent sent us this touching poem, which we would like to share with you:

To the Staff of St. Mary's

St. Mary's is a wonderful school,
In so many different ways;
There could never be a better place,
For our children to spend their days.

I say this in all honesty
Because I know for a fact it's true;
I also know it's because of the staff,
Who are so very good at what they do!

I think the staff is phenomenal,
So very patient, giving and kind;
They have what it takes, without a doubt,
To nurture developing minds.

Teaching the facts isn't all they do,
Though they do it extremely well;
They genuinely care about every child,
And that extends beyond the last bell.

From the very first day that you enter the school,
The atmosphere instantly calms you;
You feel comfortable leaving your child there,
And that alone astounds you.

As you get to know each staff member,
You realize more and more;
That teaching your child and caring about you,
Is most definitely not a chore.

So to the staff of St. Mary's,
To each and every one of you;
I applaud you, and I thank you,
For everything you do!!

Mom of grade 6 student