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Being Principal for the Day

posted May 24, 2018, 9:38 AM by Sharon Collett
My name is M.S. and today I was Principal for the Day. When I got to school I held the door for everyone until I went in to ring the bell. After that I went into the office with Ms Collett. She told me to get a book from the library and then I went to 1 and 2 grade to read the book. After that I put the book back and went to visit all the other classes. Then I got to ring the bell for an early recess. After that I went in to the staff room to have my snack. Then when recess was over I went to gym. Then I gave polar paw awards out to the teachers and tweeted. After that me, Ms Collett and M.O. went out to Subway for lunch. When we got back lunch was already over. I waited in the office for ten minutes then Ms Collett told me to go back to the classroom for a few minutes and then I was told to come back and now I am writing this.  I really liked being principal for the day.