About St. Mary's

Vision Statement

"We, at St. Mary's Elementary School believe education is the process where each student is provided with the best opportunity to strive for personal and academic excellence in a child centered setting which fosters a positive self-image, a desire for lifelong learning and a respect for others in a global environment."

Our Community

St. Mary's Elementary School is a part of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District which has 259 schools with a total population of 67 000 students. The school currently has an enrolment of approximately 180 students and offers Grades Kindergarten through Grade Six. The average class size is approximately 25 students per class.

St. Mary's Elementary is a neighborhood school that is situated as our school song states, 'snug in the valley' of the Waterford River. It serves the area of St. John's bound on the south by Southside Road, the west by Road DeLuxe, the north by Cornwall Avenue/Fitzgibbon Street, and the east by Shaw Street.

St. Mary's Elementary - 124 Waterford Bridge Rd

St. Mary's Elementary School profile on the NLESD site